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environment and society

environment and society

Camping 't Noorder Sandt is committed to the next generations with a focus on the future. We contribute by promoting sustainability and socially responsible business practices. Prioritizing the well-being of the environment, climate, and society is at the forefront of our efforts.

This constantly evolving process relates to all facets that our campsite possesses. Below, you can find some examples.

Solar Panels:

Our park boasts 100 solar panels generating approximately 27 kilowatts collectively. The energy produced by these panels is directly utilized within the campground. Positioned atop one of the main buildings, to minimize disruption to the surroundings, maintaining the landscape unchanged. Using solar panels to generate electricity eliminates the need for fossil fuels and prevents the emission of gases, reducing environmental impact. However, we're still progressing, and with each new investment, we carry forward this commitment.

Sanitary Facilities:

In the two sanitary facilities at our campsite, we limit the use of drinking water by implementing fixed shower times, and the flow rate per minute for the showers is also regulated. Additionally, environmentally friendly cleaning products are used for maintenance. These small changes make a world of difference!

Humanity and Society:

Accessibility for People with Disabilities

Vacationing is for everyone, and accessibility is crucial. For this reason, the Koepel toilet facility has facilities for people with disabilities, while the Piramide toilet facility offers special amenities for children. Want to take a refreshing dip in the pool? Even the Spetternest pool has facilities for people with disabilities. Additionally, we strive to make the entire campground as accessible as possible for everyone.

Certified Training Company:

With our focus on the next generations, we are committed to educating our future. Since 2015, we have been recognized as a certified training company. We warmly welcome interns!


We take pride in our team! And we proudly embrace diversity. everyone is welcome, regardless of age. It's this blend of different individuals that makes our team so unique. Who knows, maybe it's something for you too?


We also contribute to society through sponsorship.

Westerlanden dorpsfeest

Suns den helder

Various sponsorships for schools in Julianadorp

Ronde tafel 16

Four-Day Evening Walk (Avondvierdaagse)

Local Products:

Many of the ingredients we use in our dishes at Restaurant ’t Sandt and ’t Sandcafé are local! Elkedagversss from Julianadorp supplies us daily with their fresh vegetables and fruits, Butcher Konijn from Den Helder provides their delicious three-star better-life meats! Additionally, our bees provide the honey used in our dishes.


Would you take a look at one of our accommodations? Here, too, our sustainability efforts continue. Upon arrival, you'll find our sustainable coffee, tea, sugar, and milk. Additionally, various sustainable amenities are available in the accommodations to start your vacation off right! Furthermore, the accommodations are equipped with LED lighting and sustainable showerheads.

Restaurant ’t Sandt/’t Sandcafé:

Both in Restaurant ’t Sandt and ’t Sandcafé, we are dedicated to making our products more sustainable. Here, you can enjoy a delightful cup of sustainable coffee or tea. We also serve drinks with natural straws from 'Hay Straws,' which are made from Hay/Straw. Straight from nature! If a straw happens to blow away, no problem, it finds its way back into nature.

Furthermore, we consider it important to purchase products from our local area; this reduces transportation and lowers CO2 emissions. Elkedagversss and Butcher Konijn from Den Helder provide our delicious fresh products on a daily basis!


Are you traveling with an electric car? We've got you covered. There's a charging station available at the general parking area in our campground. Additionally, we have a charging station on the premises.

Arriving by public transport? Ask our staff for the best available routes.

Bee Garden:

Nature contributes to the beauty of our surroundings, and for this reason, we try to play our part whenever possible. A great example of this is our bee garden. The garden supports the local flora and fauna. Contrary to common belief, bees don't sting without reason; they only show their stinger when they feel threatened. Additionally, it's an easy way to contribute to a sustainable world while enjoying the beauty that bees offer. Who knows, a bee garden might also be something for you? Feel free to take a look at: Bee To Business – Verduurzaam Je Bedrijf! . Honey from our bees is available for purchase at the reception.

Green Key:

Green Key is the largest sustainability certification for the tourism and recreational industry in the Netherlands. Nearly 700 Dutch businesses have obtained this certification. Camping ’t Noorder Sandt also aspires to achieve this sustainability certification. Think of practices such as efficient use of energy and water, environmentally friendly cleaning, recycling, and thoughtful choices regarding food and other products. However, we cannot do this without you!


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