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In the surrounding area of 't Noorder Sandt you'll find lots of exploring to do also culturally.

Den Helder

Den Helder

Navy Museum

The National Navy Museum has been awarded as best outing in North-Holland twice already. Here you can find out everything about the Dutch Navy and you can explore an actual submarine inside and out.(De Tonijn)


The Reddingmuseum will teach you everything there is to know about the Koninklijke Nederlandse Redding Maatschappij (KNRM) the Royal Dutch Sea Rescue Institution. Experience sailing in a fog and wind force 10 in the wind tunnel, almost blowing you of your feet. (have a video made)

Furthermore you can take a boattrip through Den Helder harbour on a Rescue boat.

Fort Kijkduin

Napoleon himself ordered Fort Kijkduin to be built in what he called 'the Gibraltar of the North'. Here yo9u can spend an afternoon easily for except the Fort's history and its inhabitants you'll find a sea aquarium here with a glass tunnel and a fish petting corner.

Koninklijk Instituut Marine (KIM) Royal Naval Academy

The Royal Naval Academy is usually not open to the public. But...these days guided tours are held! Usually on Wednesday afternoons (2 pm) and Saturday mornings (10.30 am). Get a ticket at the VVV visitor's centre Den Helder. Price EUR 4,00 per person. ID is compulsory. (minimum number or 8 people per tour)

Art and Nature Project De Nollen

Art and Nature Project De Nollen is an initiative of the late sculptorist R.W. van de Wint. Van de Wint started a painting art experiment in the old inner dune area De Nollen. This develloped into a 'complete artwork' of murals, sculptures and buildings. De Nollen is a continuous project. Visitors will be guided on a walk along steel sculptures and monumental buildings half hidden in the landscape.

Entering these buildings through narrow passages. Inside you'll find oil murals. King Mother Princess Beatrix is a well known admiror of this sculpturist. It is said that that's why she opened the completely renovated area "Duinpark" as a queen. You'll find lampposts and a bridge made by Van de Wint here. (Nieuw Den Helder)


Museum Jan Lont

Museum Jan Lont will give you a good impression about life on the former Island of Wieringen, before the 'Afsluitdijk'  had been built. You can see how the Wieringer' people lived and worked.


Zuiderzee museum

The Zuiderzee museum (Zuydersea) is an open air museum: a Zuiderzee village has been built here by rebuilding original houses and the chapel of Den Oever can be found here too. It was pulled down stone by stone and rebuilt in the museum.

But there's also an interesting indoor museum.  Lots is organised for kids, for example they can make a wooden shoe ship or enjoy Old Dutch games.

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